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To offer free shipping if you ship internationally, here are some options to consider:. You can update your international shipping costs to account for any shipping prices that you included in your item prices. You can choose to use the steps to include your shipping costs in your listing prices, and account for international shipping when you reprice your items to recover shipping costs.

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But how you determine and set your prices is ultimately your decision. Shopping on Etsy Selling with Etsy. Guarantee free shipping If you have feedback about offering a free shipping guarantee, let us know. Jump to a section: How free shipping can work for your shop How to offer free shipping using the smart pricing tool How to offer free shipping using shipping profiles How to offer free shipping if you ship internationally. Viewed 2k times. For example: My cart total is Since this is greater than the cap of , then the fixed amount of 20 is applied.

How do I set my WooCommerce to apply a percentage discount or fixed cart depending on the total? LoicTheAztec k 15 15 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Jun Dolor Jun Dolor 1 1 gold badge 2 2 silver badges 14 14 bronze badges.

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Tested and works. This looks promising - I get the idea how the code works, I'll give it a try. I forgot to mention that the discounting rule will apply only to products of a specific category. It looks like I'll do some tweaking on the code.


JunDolor Once you will have tried this, let me know which solution is the best for you. For coupons you can limit each coupon itself for specific product categories or product Ids … This can be done in the 2nd function, but it should be a new question. Thanks LoicTheAztec I've tried the first option and it worked. However, the coupon is applied immediately. I would prefer that the user would enter the coupon code and apply before the code is run.

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I'm still trying to figure a work around. Fixed-rate preferred securities tend to offer higher coupon payments than variable-rate preferred securities. The average coupon rate of the underlying holdings of the fixed-rate preferred index is currently 6. How high do short-term interest rates need to rise for the coupons on variable-rate preferreds to catch up with their fixed-rate counterparts?

As mentioned above, the average coupon rate of underlying holdings of the variable-rate preferred index is about 5.

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If they were to suddenly float, that average coupon rate would likely rise to about 5. That still puts the average coupon rate about 40 basis points below their fixed-rate counterparts. In other words, three-month LIBOR would need to rise by roughly 40 basis points for the two types of preferreds to offer similar coupon rates once the coupon switch occurs.

As LIBOR is highly correlated to the federal funds rate, monetary policy expectations should play some sort of role in the decision to invest in something with a variable or floating coupon rate. We expect the Fed to raise rates at least two more times this year, which would lead to an increase of at least 50 basis points in the federal funds rate.

And according to median projections from the Federal Open Markets Committee, the federal funds rate could rise to 3. Each preferred security is different, with different floating coupon rate spreads and different schedules for when the rates switch from fixed to floating.

Lately, variable-rate preferreds have generally outperformed their fixed-rate counterparts. We also think this is a nice reminder that fixed income investments can still generate positive total returns even when interest rates are rising. Fixed-to-float preferreds have outperformed fixed-rate preferreds lately. Total returns from November 30, through April 30, Returns assume reinvestment of interest and capital gains.

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Indexes are unmanaged, do not incur fees or expenses, and cannot be invested in directly. Past performance is no indication of future results. The preferred stock and securities market is a niche market—and investing in fixed-to-float preferreds is even more niche. Investing in preferreds can be a daunting task, given the various types of preferreds, each with their own individual characteristics. Working with a manager can mean investing in actively managed mutual funds or separately managed accounts that invest in preferreds. As illustrated above, even within the fixed-to-float universe, each individual issue has its own schedule of when it will switch from fixed to float.

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Depending on where both short- and long-term interest rates are heading, a preferred that switches to a floating coupon in one year will likely react to market conditions very differently from an issue whose coupon switches to floating in five years. An active manager can evaluate each issue individually and make an informed decision about what to own and not to own.

Consider fixed-to-float preferred securities in addition to traditional fixed-rate preferreds.

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While they each have their own characteristics that can offer benefits during various interest rate environments, fixed-to-float preferreds can help provide rising coupon payments down the road as short-term interest rates continue to rise as we expect they will , and may also help limit the potential price declines as interest rates rise. But more importantly, consider an active approach where a manager can actually evaluate the preferred security market and make an informed decision about which securities to invest in.

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