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Check the Kroger flyer for sales and the weekly ads. Ads vary by region just like the double and triple coupon policy. Kroger Deals are posted here on MyLitter each Wednesday. By comprising your grocery list mostly with sale items first, you can then use your coupons to save more and fill in any other needs after you save as much as you can for the week.

Kroger accepts digital e-coupons from the Kroger. These coupons are manufacturer coupons and do not double or triple. They also can not be combined with paper manufacturer coupons and are one time use. Kroger accepts manufacturer coupons and as stated above, sometimes doubles or triples them. They accept manufacturer coupons from the Sunday inserts, other advertisements and printed from the internet.

In areas that double or triple you will want to verify the limits as well.

During the mix and match or mega event they offer money back or off instantly when you check out. The majority of the recent sales have been instant savings. Kroger runs and participates in Catalina offers.

These are promotions that give you a coupon for savings on your next shopping order when you buy specific items. You will find similar sales, policies and deals at the Kroger Affiliates listed in the picture below. Not sure which region you are? Check out the map above. Here in Texas we are Kroger Southwest. Different regions start their sales cycles on different days, ours here are from Wednesday morning until Tuesday night. Kroger ran this offer for us, when other stores only doubled coupons of.

We were all fortunate that it lasted as long as it did here. I spoke with a Kroger store manager this morning for my Flint store and he confirmed the double coupons would end May I do hope they offer lower prices as they promise, but we will have to wait and see. I do not plan to boycott Kroger, I think we got great deals for a long time with Kroger when other store chains did not offer this. I too loved the doubling of coupons but I also understand that change is sometimes necessary within companies. No Kroger owes us nothing.

But I find Walmart everyday low prices are still higher than using double coupons at Kroger higher prices. With the price of gas, driving from place to place is just another added expense. We will all have to tighten our budgets even more than we have had to these past couple years or so. Yes, they have a right to make any policies they want. I could not have said it any better Kimmy. No store owes us anything but we owe our families the best that we can do. I also use to be able to help friends, family, neighbors, and our church but that will be a no go because I have to look after home first.

I know exactly how you feel Roshina, it is nice to be able to share somethings with those that may not have access to the deals we were getting. I was just at Grand Blanc today and i noticed already prices are up compared to last week when i was in there. Triscuits went up. Also the new snuggle scent booster pac came out and were 2.

And yes, I have seen prices are going up.

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I was at the division meeting yesterday. Its true. No more double coupons effective May They are also starting a new pricing program that day, with supposedly lower prices throughout the store. The vice president promises a shocking ad for that week starting the 14th. Very disappointed!

How to Find Stores That Double Coupons

I spoke with a Customer Service person at the Brownstown store this morning. She said the doubling would stop on May 14, when they introduce the new Wednesday ads. I work full time for Kroger. It is very true about the doubling. Their new policy effective May 14th is that they will still take plus card coupons and other coupons but they will not double them.

And yes this is for all of Michigan as well! I work in health and beauty care and I see people in and out sometimes times a day. They are all ready set up to go with the no doubling. We all knew it was coming just a matter of when. Called in Essexville, MI and it is true as of May 14th. They had a meeting and received paperwork today…. Howell Kroger per an employee said they will stop doubling on the 14th! Two cashiers told me they knew nothing about it?????? Another higher up employee told me she heard the rumor! So who knows! Not too sad, knew it was coming…. I do wish they would double up to a dollar though, that would have been a more welcome change.

I spoken to a fellow shopper today who claimed to have spoken to the manager who informed her that this particular Kroger would not be included and a long story about waiting until the gas station is built this summer and that he explained that they wanted to see what kind of difference that made and if the change occurred it would not be until next year. The story was awful elaborate to have been made up but certainly possible.

Save on Groceries by Using Double Coupons.

I have talked to the manager in the past. He shared stories about how far people drive to shop there. All the way from Canada. They double to a dollar Anyhow…I will have no reason to drive to that store anymore if they stop along with all the others who do. Meijer and Kroger are two times further for me to travel than Walmart, and so why should I travel twice the distance if my coupons are worth the same? I imagine it will be much the same for my Kroger runs. Might take a quick trip to Saginaw before the end to use up a lot of my coupons in my stash. On the other hand, I imagine a lot of stuff is going to be cleaned out as others do the same thing.

I understand all the stores are in effect on May 14th. However, I talked to a cashier at Frankenmuth store and she told me they recently signed a three year contract. So, how can they change their policy now?

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That would be a great complaint for corporate! I am sad by this as well. I figure now, I will start shopping sale fliers only and probably not coupon anymore. Especially when we could help out so many others who really needed it!!!!!! I shop mostly at the Frankenmuth location and the past two months the people abusing coupons has gotten worse and worse.

Well, what about the people who actually want to buy those items for themselves? The people who abuse coupons have ruined this for everyone.

Stores that Double Coupons by State

My grocery bill is literally going to double. This was coming and we all knew it. So look at it this way, lower prices mean hopefully that the non doubled coupons will give us a price comparable to what we did pay, I hope. Now the problem is that krogers does not have deal like Meijer buy X amount of certain brand, save x amount instantly, that will hurt Kroger.

Couponing 101 Tutorial - Doubling Coupons

However, I am one to confirm that since couponing 3 years ago, my family has gained weight, and a lot of the cheap and free stuff we get a Kroger with coupons are processed and high sodium that are not ideal to be eating so a stockpile of processed food is not getting us anywhere. From a corporate standpoint, for every dollar coupon that doubles, Kroger takes a dollar cut so I understand their financial reasoning. Meijer did the same thing.

And one last thing: Price match to walmart!