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In addition, Smirnoff presented the second annual Smirnoff Signature Mix Series, a campaign designed to bring together artists in the hip hop community to recreate original versions of iconic hip hop songs with newly-mixed interpretation. These are the emotional appeal and the rational appeal. This will run until 2O1O. We want to be fresh and new in how we use media, building the brand in print. One thing that causes Ultimat to stand out from the crowd, according to Greg Cohen, is that the ultra-premium Polish vodka is the only one on the market made from wheat, rye and potatoes.

There will also be high-profile outdoor ads in key nightlife areas, including wallscapes, transit and billboards in areas such as downtown Boston and the North End. Luci of Three Olives said his brand has a universal appeal among both women and men of all ages. Storeowners can give these to customers to carry home purchases in the same way they give customers standard cardboard boxes. For the 1. And our staff will be spending more time in stores than before. We have a solid customer base there and good promos in the state.

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When it comes to finding a unique hook to a vodka, Iceberg Vodka has — icebergs. The new advertising campaign this year is called Truth in Vodka. Massachusetts is ready for this. MS Walker gets a lot of credit for blocking and tackling for us. Maine has a good image for quality and craftsmanship and that helps sales, especially in Massachusetts.

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I had no clue about the vodka business, but I did the research and saw the explosive growth in super premium spirits, especially vodka, and that there was no other potato vodka on the market. We have no money for big advertising, but we received good taste panel reviews and headed to the grass roots for marketing — in the trenches with retail owners and bartenders.

If your bottle of vodka costs umpteen dollars and we all know how much it really costs to produce vodka , what happens when the economy is a mess and most people no longer feel like treating themselves to the most expensive vodka available? Or even going out for a night on the town or just a drink? On-premise is where we build brands. Our mid-price is our sweet spot. Some high end brands are seeing encouraging figures.

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He says that ultra-premium spirits in general are showing growth in the state, especially in Boston. Vodka is more mixable, but rum is more worldwide. Three Olives is also doing great. Another winner for us is Ketel One, and with Smirnoff you get the bang for the buck. Why spend more when you can spend less and get the quality? Smirnoff flavors are selling best due to the price, and most sales are straight vodka. He said Pinnacle is big with the under-3O crowd in his Boston store, and that boutique vodkas such as Hangar One and Citadel do well.

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They trust their palates — not what some debutant thinks. We have 13 vodkas and we push a local one — V One — from South Hadley. We do many drinks with his vodka.

I see less people going for the super premium vodkas and retreating a bit from Belvedere and Chopin. We sell a lot of the local vodka, V One, and Absolut. We have real estate difficulties with all spirits, so our vodkas come down to six brands plus three of our own infusions. Lauren Clarke is the founder of drinkboston. The trendy people know their brand and like to have their own.


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There are the creative-based cocktails with vodka and special ingredients and the classic cocktails, which tend to shun vodka. The new mixologists do vodka in their own special way. The consumer is looking for value. Every Christmas, we proudly display the famous leg lamp from the movie "A Christmas Story" in our front window.

On December 18th , the leg lamp was stolen from the display in the middle of the day. Within a few days, a new replica leg lamp along with the wooden crate was presented to us by Ian Petrella who played Ralphie's little brother "Randy" from the movie. The lamp and wooden crate remain on display every Christmas for your enjoyment. Our Liquor Store is proud to offer all of our customers the variety you deserve when doing your shopping. Want updates on some of our newest, most exciting products? Check out our articles below to stay in the know about all this and more.

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